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Premium Liquids for E- Cigarettes

Made in Germany

We are manufactures of Premium Liquids for e-cigarettes with headquarters and production facility in Germany. Our brand in Germany is Niko Liquids
In Europe, Premium Liquids are sold through distributors and retaile
rs, including Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Croatia, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine and Hungary, under the name of WhiteSmoke.

In the first semester of 2012, our participation in the European market for E-Cigarette Liquids was an estimated 16 percent.
Our goal is to produce premium quality aromatic E-Cigarette Liquids for smoking adults, offering an alternative to the use of regular tobacco products. Our responsibility begins with a hygienic and tested production.
Our manufacturing processes, our recipe and installations for production and bottling, we can mix and bottle up to 50,000 bottles of liquid daily, preparing them ready for sale.

kisses taste again

Our "Premium Liquids" taste of aromatic tobacco, fresh fruit, coffee, champagne and much more ...
We produce our "Premium Liquids" exclusively from additives and food flavorings, and if necessary, from nicotine, but mainly of propylene glycol (a food additive E-1520). The Propylene Glycol is a food additive included among other things in chewing gum, skin cream, toothpaste, cigarettes and many other medications.

For flavor we use authorized food flavorings, approved and manufactured exclusively in Germany, that are used for example in yogurt, chocolate, drinks and other foods.

The only substance not approved for food is nicotine as its a health hazard.

Healthier than smoking

"The E-Cigarette is at least 1000 times less harmful than a tobacco cigarette." Professor Dr. Michael Siegel (Boston University, Massachusetts, USA)

According to internationally renowned scientists, there is evidence that e-cigarettes pose less risk to the health of its users compared to regular tobacco cigarettes,

Throughout the life of a smoker, six kilograms of smoke condensation and a cup of tar can accumulate in the lungs annually. In total, of the 4,000 ingredients in a tobacco cigarette, over 70 are carcinogenic.

Pleasure without remorse

Different recognized scientific studies have shown that the levels of contamination recorded by the use of an E-cigarette is 1,500 times less than those of a tobacco cigarettes.

Also you can alleviate your lungs and heart, by not inhaling large amounts of smoke pollutants from tobacco cigarette.

Enjoy our Premium Liquids without feeling guilty and without remorse.

Business Development 2012/2013

We are continually evolving thanks to organic growth, geographic expansion and additional purchases we make. Our positive results speak for itself. We are also strengthening our success by investing in development and production, to stabilize our top position in the European market for E-Cigarettes.

Do you want success with us?

Where people do not want to give up the taste and habit of a cigarette, there is our market. This is where we can reach our customers with quality products. In Europe we are represented in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Croatia, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia , Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine and Hungary, in some of these countries we are in the process.

Join today and take advantage of future market of E-Cigarette!
For some time the health trend has reached smokers. For the past year, millions of smokers around the world use the E-Cigarette. The E-Cigarettes are the healthiest and best alternative to smoking conventional tobacco, increasingly smoker discover this and change.

By joining today, secure your market share and to offer your customers from tomorrow a healthier alternative to the consumption of tobacco.
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• Point of Sale
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Benefit from our know-how proven success
We help you build your customer base through employee education, promotional events and sales assistance.

Making your own liquid (liquid OEM)

Use our modern production and bottling facility in Germany. Produce with us your own premium Liquids. We can produce up to 50,000 bottles per day, delivering them for commercialization.

We develop and produce your own custom aromatic liquids, with or without nicotine as requested (PG / VG proportional) and a range of individual tastes and bottled in glass or plastic containers of different sizes.

We offer you the basic liquid, the nicotine, the liquid bottles, caps, labeling and packaging, everything required for the production of your Premium Liquids.

On request, we will take care to label your "Premium Liquids" with the name of your company (private label).

We will deliver to your home free of charge the finished Premium Liquids, or make a shipment from our shipping partner from the warehouse in Aachen.

With over 300 different flavors we have a wide range of different flavors. Do you want a particular taste? In principle we can develop almost any flavor for you. Contact us for more information

Niko Liquids GmbH
Premium Liquids für E-Zigaretten
Hergestellt in Deutschland
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White Smoke Europa SL
Premium Liquids für E-Zigaretten
Hergestellt in Deutschland
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